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Here are a selection of testimonials from our members.

You too could soon be enjoying the same level of success with the help and support of the team at Ladies First Heath & Fitness Club.

Amanda Davidson

Since joining Ladies First I have dropped 3 dress sizes,  boosted my energy levels and improved my health. In October 2008 I completed the Great North Run in just over 4 hours. My aim for next year, with the help of my personal trainer, is to take part in the run again but to improve my time by at least Ĺ hr.


Donna Howard

I lost 8 inches in just 4 weeks on the weight loss club. I love coming to Ladies First, you get a tailor made programme based on what you want to achieve and a kick up the backside if you loose focus. All the staff really are very friendly..


Gill Richardson

I joined Ladies First in September 2004. Since then Iíve been coming between 4 & 6 times a week. I have found that my body shape has changed dramatically and I have much more strength and energy. I love coming to the gym, itís simply the best part of my day!


Sarah Reynolds

I joined Ladies First 3 months ago after giving birth to my first child..

I have dropped 2 dress sizes and lost 1 Ĺ stone already!! My body has changed shape and I feel the fittest I have ever felt. All the staff are friendly and always willing to help. The weight loss club has also taught me to have a balanced diet. I am well on my way to looking good in a bikini on my holiday.  


Lydia Bowden

Having moved to the area I wanted to find a club that had a relaxed atmosphere with no designer labels or lycra. I found just that at Ladies First.

The support the girls give is second to none and Iíd like to thank each and every one of them everyone is so friendly. The classes are the best, with the exercise and weight loss club I have reached my target of loosing 1 stone in weight.


Jo Prigmore

Iíve been coming to Ladies First for 6 weeks and so far I have dropped a dress size and lost 9lbs and 5 and 5 ľ inches. I have lots more energy and my eating habits have improved. I love coming because of the friendly atmosphere and you donít have to worry about how you look.


Karen Hayes

None of my lovely clothes fitted and Iíd started buying the next size up.  With the support of the wonderful team at Ladies First, who have kept me motivated and focused, Iím now not only back into my old clothes but buying the next size down. Iíve never felt so good about myself. Thank you team!!!


Lauren Norris

Since having my son in February I have lost 4 stone and dropped 3 dress sizes thanks to the help and support from the staff and the weight loss club. I really enjoy coming to the club and the classes are great fun.


Lea Pizzimenti

Iíve achieved my long term goal and am now a size 8. The support you get from the staff is great. One of the best things about the club is the friendly atmosphere.


Alicja Bujnowska-Somluk

Since joining Ladies First Iíve dropped nearly 3 dress sizes and have toned up and have more energy. I sleep so much better and I generally feel happier in myself..


Patsy McKinnon

As one of the founder and more senior members of Ladies First my continued loyalty is due to the diversity of age, culture and size of the members, the encouraging and experienced staff and excellent classesÖ
In order to try and keep as supple and healthy as the years advance it becomes more and more important to maintain ones fitness levels. Where else to do it but at a womenís only gym?.


Suzanne Major

Iíve been a member of Ladies First for 5 years. With the personal training plans and easy to follow weight loss club Iíve gone from a size 14 to a size 8 and lost 18 inches.
The best thing about the club is how friendly it is. If I hadnít joined when I did Iím sure Iíd be a size 20 by now!


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