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The Little Beauty Room

Treatments you can afford - Make Time for Yourself

Treatments Price List

Nail Extensions
Gel tips (1 hour)£20.00
in fills£13.00
Acrylic Tips (1 hour)£25.00
in fills£15.00
Silk or fibreglass Tips£35.00
Removal (1 hour)£20.00
Replacement nails (Repairs per nail first 3 days free, after)£3.00
Manicures and pedicures
Manicure with varnish (45 min)£17.00
Deluxe manicure with paraffin wax (1 hour)£23.00
Pedicure with varnish (45 min)£23.00
Deluxe pedicure with paraffin wax (1 hour)£26.00
File & Cuticles (15 min)£6.00
File & Polish (including French polish) (30 min)£10.00
Eye treatments
Eyebrow shape (15 min)£5.50
Eyebrow tint (20 min)£6.50
Eyelash tint (20 min)£8.50
(Tinting requires a patch test 24 hours prior to treatment)
Eyelash Extensions (30 min)£15.00 
Ear piercing
Lobe or cartilage (including lotion) (30 min)£18.00
Eyebrow (10 min)£8.00
Lip or chin (10 min)£6.00
Under arm (20 min)£9.00
˝ leg (20 min)£14.00
Bikini line (15 min)From Ł10.00
Full leg including bikini line (45 min)£28.00
Full Arm (30 min)£18.00
˝ Arm (25 min)£15.00
Sides of Face (15 min)£10.00
Bleaching (30 min)£8.00
Express—This facial includes cleanse, tone and moisturise using products specially selected to suit your personal needs. (15 min)£10.00
Deep cleanse—With specially selected products, this deep cleanse facial will help to restore the skin’s natural pH balance and give it a healthy glow. (30 min)£2.00
Aromatherapy—special blends of aromatic oils to compliment your skin type, which will help you relax and unwind. (1 hour)£32.00
Deluxe—This facial includes a deep cleanse with steam and a facial peel. This helps to clean deep into the pores and remove any dead skin on the surface leaving the skin feeling healthy and refreshed. (1 hour)£38.00
Rescue remedial facial—Cleanse, tone, exfoliation, massage, ampoil treatment, hydrating mask, moisturise, day/night cream. (1 hour)£38.00
Aromatherapy—A sensual, relaxing and invigorating massage using specially blended aromatherapy oils to suit your needs. (1 hour)£38.00
Full body—to relieve everyday stress, this Swedish massage helps to relax and renew blood cells, by bringing the blood back to the surface. (1 hour)£35.00
Back, neck, shoulder massage—Stress relief for those tired, aching muscles in the neck, shoulders and back. (30 min)£20.00
Back, neck, shoulder massage and back exfoliation—Starting with a back exfoliation, to warm the back and remove the dead skins cells, and to also helps bring the blood to the surface ready for a relaxing massage to help with those stressful times. It helps to reduce the tension that builds up in these areas. (30 min) £22.00
Day or Evening make-up and lesson (20 min)£18.00
Full Body (45 min)£35.00
Legs (20 min)£20.00
Upper body (30 min)£25.00
Wedding Make-up
Bridal plus trial£45.00
Bride plus 1 guest£65.00
Bride plus 2 guests£80.00
Additional guests£10.00 each
Bridal packages (prices on request)Starting from £130.00

Please phone or call to make an appointment:
Ladies First Health & Fitness Club
01536 484148

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